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Myra Rose//Mo

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Hello! My name is Myra and I'm Comic Artist and Illustrator located in New York! I live with my 2 cats, 2 snakes and probably 2 of something else.

Majored in Animation from 2012-2016 at LCAD but dabbled in the Game Art, Fine Art and Illustration. I continue to gear my portfolio towards a job in comics or storyboarding. I'm currently working on an original comic LOVELY RECIPE with Penguin Random House Graphic, expected to come out 2022!

My art often centers around sapphism, whether it be romance, friendship or the day-to-day. I love exploring 80's/90's era aesthetics, Sci-fi and tropical environments. I'm a bit of a shape shifting artist while I continue to figure out what I enjoy most.  

I always keep a dozen pitches for comics or shows in my back pocket so if you're interested, please reach out! 

Represented by Thao Le. Please contact for business inquiries at


Last updated: September 2020.



Twitter @ _Myrarose_

Instagram @ Mowindows94

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