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Myra Rose//Mo

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Hello! My name is Myra and I'm an artist specializing in sequential art. I live in New York with my 2 cats and if it impresses you, I used to own a pet snake.

Majored in Animation from 2012-2016 at LCAD but dabbled in the Game Art, Fine Art and Illustration. I continue to gear my portfolio towards a job in comics or storyboarding. I currently work on my original webcomic "Flirts in Hawaiian Shirts". I hope this project will help open doors for further work in comics!

My art often centers around sapphism, whether it be romance, friendship or expressing the day-to-day. I love exploring 1980's and 90's era aesthetics, outer-space and tropical environments. I'm a bit of a shape shifting artist while I continue to figure out what I am best at.  

I always keep a dozen pitches for comics or shows in my back pocket so if you're interested, please reach out! 

Represented by Thao Le with https://dijkstraagency.com.


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Twitter @ _Myrarose_

Instagram @ Mowindows94

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